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  • Apr 4, 2015 - Publishing Artifacts with Travis and Gradle

    I’m a very lazy programmer. I certainly cannot be bothered (or trusted) to do all the work associated with releasing software with any kind of consistency or reliability. I’m also bored very easily so the idea of spending my time on administrivia rather than more interesting stuff makes me wish there was some kind of device that could be used to get standardized repetive tasks out of the way.

  • Mar 12, 2015 - LogMan (Java logging management facade) 0.1.1 Released

    The first official release of LogMan is now available for download
    from Bintray or Maven Central.


I'm a software engineer who presently spends his day-job writing enterprise Java & JavaScript Web apps. When time allows I also like to work on open source projects. This site will provide information about some of that open source related work.

My current schedule allows for scattered minutes of free time and so any work will reflect that and be likely to be a trickle of small commits rather than any bursts of large amounts of work.

I am technology agnostic and a firm believer that a solution should be chosen to fit the problem at hand while considering the involved forces rather than reaching for Maslow's hammer (although depending on the team dynamic that may be the prevailing force). I also strive to use technologies the way they were intended (i.e. using languages idiomatically). But...due to the combination of the previous two paragraphs the open source work is likely to be focused on projects that are related to my real job and the associated technology stack (and primarily only the back end pieces of that stack).