Web site, take n


I'm launching a new Web site/blog for some of my work (yay!). It's not much to look at the moment but I'll be incrementally improving the design so it will probably be pretty snazzy by the time I retire or so.

I'm turning my attention back to attempting to blog because I find that I mostly interact with the Internet in a way that aligns with static'ish Web sites and blogging: preferring more unidirectional asynchronous batching rather than the generally more high touch social media model (in which I tend to participate just sporadically enough to eke out something resembling an existence). The more asynchronous, on-demand nature of Web sites also aligns with at least one of the biases asserted in Douglas Rushkoff's Program or Be Programmed

I plan to write a short blog entry every week covering some technical topic which may or may not be of much use to anyone other than me, in addition to jazzing up the site in some way or another as part of the same commit. Each post will also contain a picture, hopefully in some way related to the post but probably not...but either way it will help me conquer my aversion of adding images to Web sites and spur me to organize some of my photos.